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Back-to-school time for us is very scripted. We have a list of school supplies that we need, a series of uniform pieces that are required and an never-ending checklist of books to purchase.
In fact, when it comes down to it, the only big decision that the boys have is what backpack to choose!


The older boys aren’t as picky as my 8 year old. He is a shopper {I love that}! He usually has in his head what he wants.

He is very opinionated.

He will not settle.

It has to be perfect.


I have learned that it saves a lot of legwork to go straight to the internet on decisions as big as this. A backpack is a school-year-long commitment.

We headed to tilamibag.com where I had noticed a large selection of wheeled backpacks. Since my boys are partially homeschooled, there is a library of books that seem to have to travel between school and home. It is just too many materials to carry.

I love the rolling backpack option because they are usually larger packs and can accommodate all their books, yet the wheels give their young backs a break!


 Here are a few things I have learned over the years:

  • Hide the Straps – My boys have never used the straps on the backpack AS a backpack. The designs that have a compartment in the back to hold the straps help keep the straps from always dragging on the ground or getting caught on things while rolling by.
  • Easy Handle Retraction – Choose a backpack whose pull handle easily retracts. I know this sounds obvious, but several years we ended up with a pack that was permanently in the extended position because it was too difficult to push in.
  • Vinyl Shield – If your school has steps out front, the kids will bump the backpacks up the stairs which rips up the bottom 1/3rd of the bag’s backside. For less than $20 most shoe repair shops will add a vinyl patch over this area which will keep the canvas fabric from the daily shredding.
  • Big Pocket – The big pocket is the most important space. I have found that the boys rarely use any of the other pockets – and when they do, they forget that they put something there. The large section needs to be big enough to place everything they take back and forth.
  • Sturdy, Sturdy, Sturdy – If it isn’t sturdy, it won’t last.

He chose this blue galaxy rolling backpack , There were some that were brighter colors or more ornate patterns, but this was THE one. It is a very big deal.



I love that it has the compartment to store the straps and is made of very sturdy material which appears to be tough enough to stand up to a year of third grade. If you are looking for just-the-right rolling backpack, check out tilami's selection !



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